Fresh 48 | Grant

Fresh 48's are some of my favorite sessions to do! I love the journalistic approach to documenting this new season in my clients' lives. There is something about the blue and pink striped blankets and hats on a baby that is so fresh, and 'new' feeling. The honest, journalistic approach to these sessions just get me! My advice to pregnant mamas out there is to get in front of the camera for a maternity session, and have a Fresh 48 session done! Don't worry about your hair/makeup/appearance-blah(excuse)blah. This is SUCH a magical time and too often these moments go undocumented! Years from now you'll reflect back on this moment and think about how you had always dreampt of this.

Interested in a Fresh 48 session? Want to 'gift' one to a friend? Contact us to receive $75 off your Fresh 48 session (greater Burlington/Milwaukee area) for checking out this post! Want to share the love? 'Share' this post on Facebook, it helps us out a ton!

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