Amazon Women's Clothing Haul: Engagement Outfits Tested

Hey friends!

I wanted to do this blog post for the longest time! I thought it would be SUPER useful to my ladies out there! If you're an Amazon shopper (or just online shopper) like me, you always wonder if clothing picks are going to be a flop and if they'll be anything like the pictures! I put some of the most popular items in my cart, along with clothing that I was SUPER doubtful about and put it to the test! These items are affordable women's clothing that would translate beautifully in photography - so if you have a session coming up and want to see if these Amazon picks made the cut, keep reading!

Button up sun dress

Size M

This dress comes in 15 different color options. I think the appearance of the dress gives a more boutique look (like some Roolee dresses), however the fabric is not linen but in my opinion a good dupe. The dress buttons all the way up to the neckline and would look super cute under a duster!

Grey blanket scarf

I always buy scarves online so I wouldn't worry about the quality. In my opinion, it's just like any other scarf I own and with 11 other options and for under $14, I don't think you can go wrong

Leather earrings

These earrings are SO cute! I think the post sizes are slightly different in this set of 4 because I could not put the burgundy color in to save my life! Overall, I think they are super cute and the quality is so nice! For under $10 for a set of four earrings, they are a steal!

Leather cuff bracelet

This cuff bracelet comes in 22 different color/style combinations. I think that for under $20, the quality is very nice! The style that I got has three different size option rivets on the back so it is adjustable. Do you see a leather trend haha! I love it!

Black floral button up Dress

Size M - TTS/Could size down

The fabric of this dress is SO soft! I love the pattern and think the dress overall, looks exactly like the Amazon listing! WIN! This dress comes in 30 different colors/patterns and it is available in short versions as well in another listing. The buttons up the front don't bother me at all, however it would be super easy to sew it completely shut too. Priced around $30, I think this dress is really nice for the price! The sleeves are oversize (purposely) and band just under the bust is super stretchy so you could size down accordingly in my opinion.

Camel and navy floral wrap dress

Size L - TTS

I love the color and pattern of this dress! This dress is true to size in my opinion. I would base your sizing off of the bust measurements, I should have sized down! If the dress is too big in the bust, it's hard to get the dress to stay put appropriately. I would wear this dress with shorts/shapewear due to the true wrap/tie nature of the dress. I think the quality is really nice for a dress under $20! It also comes in 14 different patterns.

High waisted maxi skirt

Size M - size up for extra length

This skirt is so pretty and flowy! I read the reviews and noticed it said size up for length and I could have done that. I ordered a M and depending on where you wear it on your torso, you may want to size up for additional length! This would be so pretty and flowy for an engagement session and it comes in 22 different colors (some are prime and some are not). The quality of this skirt seems appropriate for the price point - you can definitely wear it out and about but you may want to dry clean it due to the fabric! This would be so pretty for a sunset session due to the sheer layers!

White chunky crop top

Size M - TTS

I like the overall look this crop top gives, but overall, I think it would be a piece you could only wear for pictures, or once because it is so easy to snag/rip. I bought this to go with the high waisted maxi skirt and I think the overall look is cute and affordable! I think with a tank underneath or a bralette, it would be super cute! This would be super cute with a bralette/tank, dark distressed skinny jeans, and a duster sweater! I think if you're buying this for photos or an event it is worth it, otherwise don't buy this if you plan to wear it more than once. For $14, I'll take it for a one time wear!

Yellow floral long sleeve dress

Size M - relaxed fit

This dress has a more relaxed fit and has a tie in the front to sinch around your waist. It's available in 14 different colors/patterns and is priced at under $20 - this one cost $16! Being that this dress is so affordable, the quality isn't amazing. If washed following directions and hung to dry I could see this piece being a staple in your summer wardrobe!

Long sleeve wrap dress

Size M - TTS

I absolutely love this wrap dress! I feel like it is true to size and has a good length to it. I am 5'5" for reference. If I wore this out, I would wear some shorts/shapewear underneath just because the slit in the front can be revealing since it is a true wrap/tie dress! This dress comes in 10 different colors though some color choices are not long sleeve. This dress is one of my favorites from my haul!

Sheer Lace Kimono

Size M - I think most sizes seem like a one size fits all item

First off, I love the overall 'look' this kimono gives in photography, however it may be a 'few time use' sort of item. The seams are a little funny and it can appear inside out when it is not. I think this is a great layering piece, however the quality in my opinion is not the best .


I LOVE this for an inexpensive hat. If stored properly, and if you put a touch of hot glue on the buckle belt to keep it in place, it will last a long time! It's an inexpensive way to add detail and another layer to your outfit for photos! This hat comes in 14 different colors!

Overall, I think these options are great for engagement and family sessions! For reference, all of the dresses were mediums except for the camel and navy floral wrap dress in the images above (Size L, unavailable in a M when I ordered). The kimono, even though not the best quality, layers so perfectly with some of the dresses! Pairing these pieces with layers, scarves, and accessories will add more detail! I love the mauve wrap dress, however, it can be clingy which doesn't really bother me, but I know it bothers some! The high waisted maxi skirt would be super cute to wear to a bridal shower too! The button up sun dress is SO cute! I absolutely love it and for the price, it's a staple! Special shout out to Courtney, my sister, and Casandra Holen (Holen Photography) for modeling for me! We felt like this was sisterhood of the traveling pants but for dresses haha! Stay tuned for the Amazon children's clothing tested in the near future and Women's haul II! Drop a comment below with a link to any clothing items you're curious about on Amazon!

This blog post is not sponsored by Amazon or any of their vendors.

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