Best of Ring Shots 2018

Best engagement ring shots of 2018! You knew this one was coming! How could I knot? (See what I did there? haha) I love a good pun, but in all seriousness, I LOVE photographing my bride's rings during their engagement session! Look at how unique all of these are! The best part is, they were chosen by their soon to be husband, promising forever! I would love to know how many of you had any help in picking out your engagement ring. Before I got engaged, I thought I wanted a rose gold ring. I LOVE rose gold, however, I tried on a rose gold ring and it was just not for me - it almost blended in with my skin tone haha! I had showed Kyle a few styles that I liked but in the end, Kyle chose everything himself. I just love knowing that he chose it for me!

Side note for photographers/stylers/bloggers/etc - The beautiful little velvet boxes are from The Mrs. Box and all 6 of them stay right in my gear bag! I love using them to style my detail shots! Bride's to be - they are so cute if you want a cute place to keep your ring while you shower or clean/ what have you! Bridesmaids - these make a beautiful gift for the bride to be and you can also get customized monograms on the top! SO elegant and modern! I shot all of these on my Canon 100mm Macro 2.8L II USM lens! It costs a pretty penny but with shots like these, it is SO worth it if you do weddings! (or bugs? like what else would you use this for? haha! plant photography? bug photography? I'm being serious, help me out if you use this for something other than wedding ring shots)

Believe it or not, I am NOT a jewelry kind of girl. I only wear my wedding ring, and on some rare occasions my pearl earrings. Other than that, I am pretty low key and un-accessorized haha! There is something, however, about creeping’ on my future brides jewelry (why am I so weird). The halo center stone seemed to be big in 2018 and I love it! Another trend I noticed was the oval center stone and precious jewel stones! I am also a huge fan of the elegant, simplistic design! The art-deco intricate banding, however, is just so beautiful and may be my favorite! How stunning are these shots! Stay tuned for more detail shots - brides to be, I'm dedicating an entire blog post to what to pack in your details box for your photographer to create a detail rich wedding! Stay tuned!

If you liked this post, you will love Britta & Nick's elegant summer wedding at The Barn at Wagon Wheel Farm featured on Wisconsin Bride here! 2019 & 2020 brides - snag this elegant venue and book me! (The Barn at Wagon Wheel Farm)

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