The beginning.

We were at our camp, surrounded by ferns, moss, and evergreens and he flipped over a rock that we had been looking for. It had a fossil of some sort on it's profile, etched into the stone for years. I watched my dad manipulate the dials on the camera, coaching me through what he was doing, even though I was too young to really understand, as he knew I was eagerly watching over his shoulder. He focused the lens with his fingertips and I heard the distinct shutter that film cameras make. We got into the car and he said, "We will have to wait and see how it turns out." It was at that moment I learned patience. It was at that moment I fell in love with the art. 

Hey friends.


I'm Amanda Ketterhagen. Wisconsin based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I'm inspired by the quietness of walking through the woods, and the crisp air in the fall. I'm inspired by passionate connectivity and bold simplicity - and capture those moments during your session. I live for warm, golden light and telling all of the details of your love story. I capture the in the moment memories - him brushing your hair off your shoulder as he kisses your cheek, the wrinkly-nosed belly laughs as you nuzzle in close. When you look back at your images, you will feel the joy, you will relish the memories.


Most days you can find me with a cup of coffee in hand, and my baby girl in the other - lounging (haha yeah right - more like chasing my one year old ) in my active wear. I'm passionate about learning and creating. While building my business, I filled the minds of first graders in a rural town in Wisconsin. If I can get 20 six and seven year olds to line up quietly without any major chaos - I can whip through your wedding party shots (no matter how crazy the group) in no problem! I love hanging out with my husband and high school sweetheart, Kyle, my daughter, Ella, and my dog, Brooks!


Amanda Ketterhagen